Working out on a Monday means I start my week feeling like I accomplished at least one big thing.

Doesn’t matter what,  I get myself to do my workout on a Monday. For me, there’s nothing more motivating than that sense of accomplishment I get after finishing a tough workout. It really helps me adopt a “can-do” attitude for the week ahead.  It also helps me feel prepared to handle any other challenge that comes my way.

When you start the week feeling accomplished and positive, you want to keep that going!

After today’s workout you will most certainly feel that you have accomplished something big.

Here is your Monday workout:

Warm up: 8 – 10 min running or cycling

After each round, you have do to the *MAT* exercise.


10 x burpees

10 x squat jumps

10 x High knees (each leg)


Round 1.

20 x push ups

20 x Overhead extensions

20 x shoulder press

20 x Step up (each leg)


After round one do *MAT* exercises.

Then do round 2.


Round 2:

20 x squats

20 x sumo squats

20 x Bulgarian split squat (each leg)

200 x rope jumping / steps


DO *MAT* exercises


Round 3:

20 x V- Sit up

20 x crunches

20 x jack knives

50 x mountain climbers (each leg)


Do *MAT* exercises


Round 4:

20 x upright rows

20 x lunges (total)

20 x side crunches (each side)

20 x step up (each leg)


Do *MAT* exercises


Round 5:

20 x jumping jacks

20 x mountain climbers (each leg)

20 x high knees

20 0 x rope jumping/ steps


DO *MAT* exercises


Round 6:

20 x squat & shoulder press

20 x Lunge & twist

20 x side lunge & upright row

50 x mountain climbers (each leg)


DO *MAT* exercises for the last time,


Round 7:

30 seconds High knees

20 seconds Mountain climbers

10 seconds jump lunges

Repeat 3 times, no rest





15 x crunches

15 x jack knives

15 x double crunches

Repeat 3 times

Lerentia Strydom

One of Melbourne's top personal trainers and founder of the Strydom Method. She has dedicated her professional life to find the absolute best way of training. Lerentia has helped thousands' to get healthier, fitter and leaner than ever before.

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