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There are many ways to accelerate fat loss through diet, but we are not all the same. That is why I give you a few completely different options.

  • Emergency shred diet
  • High carb diet for maximum fat loss

You won’t count calories or starve with these meal plans. In fact, it is designed to give you enough energy to workout hard, while burning fat, protecting muscle and improving your health.

Keto, HFLC, High Carb, Vegan, Whole Food Plant Based, Balanced, Gluten Free, Heart Healthy…?

There are many ways to eat and we won’t always agree on the ultimate diet.

However. What I aim to give you is a way to eat that fits into your lifestyle and preferences, while giving you an abundance of energy to exercise like crazy.

From working with thousands of clients, I know what works. Diet should not be a mystery.

Eat for fuel, recovery and allow your body to stay young and lean.

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The important thing is that you exercise to get fit. Once you do the most effective workouts there is, the rest will follow. Trust me, I’ve seen it over and over again. The end result is predictable.

“It all starts with fitness” is more than just a slogan. When it comes to health and longevity and everything that goes with it such as being lean, strong and energetic, the most important factor is fitness.

Most people tend to fixate on diet in relation to health but pay too little attention to the effects of exercise.

In the case of heart health, research shows physical activity is a more reliable protector against heart disease than switching to a different diet or avoiding certain foods.

Simply put, if you’re sedentary, and especially if you’re sedentary and overweight, you’re going to have a significantly increased risk of heart disease regardless of what you do or don’t eat.

Avoiding fat, or carbs, or wheat, or swapping steak for salmon, isn’t going to help you nearly as much as working out a few times per week.

Just about any type of physical activity is beneficial, but the type of exercise, the intensity, the frequency and other factors will determine just how effective your time spent will be to slow down (or reverse) ageing. How young your body remains will affect everything from how good you look and feel, how strong you are or how much energy you have.

Smart training is a must.

StrydomFitness is unlike anything you have done before. It took years’ of research and study combined with real life experience working with thousands of clients.

Elite athletes…moms getting back in shape…middle-aged men and women training for health and/or good-looking bodies…60 or 70 year old people looking to return to activities they used to love or just to improve health… All my clients have experienced the amazing effects that comes from improving their fitness the StrydomFitness way.

The StrydomFitness programs are designed by me, Lerentia Strydom. I am a certified Sports and Conditioning Coach and considered by many as the top personal and group trainer in Melbourne, Australia. I put a lot of effort in designing my programs because my aim is to make you fall in love with exercise. This can only be achieved when the workout gives you the right hormonal response and when you see and feel the results both quickly and in the long run.

I truly want you to experience my way of exercising, because I honestly believe it can set you on a new and vastly improved path in your life, that is why, for a limited time only, you can lock in this crazy low price of only $8.34 per month. Cancel or pause whenever you want.



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