I wrote a quick post yesterday about how I imagined a new, better way to help my clients get lean and toned as fast as possible. 


Before I tell  you more about this method and my programs, I want to talk about the power each of us have, including you. This power is so wonderful, so magical that it is hard to really describe it in a logical way. 


Scientists and psychologists try to explain parts of this magic through various theories and thesis, often through complicated, yet too simple theories. 


By simple, I mean that in academia , everything needs to be rational, logical. Especially in the western world, ever since the Ancient Greeks, we live in a world of reasoning. 


I am not against science, in fact I look at scientific papers and have always used it as a base to design my programs. This is not a post against science and logic, it is just that there is more to everything that can be explained by scientific laws. 


Before I get off-topic and too deep into other things, let’s get back to the power you have that I have been talking about. And what this has to do with the LeanBodyFastLane app. 


You have the power to create. This may not seem that powerful at first, but let me explain how extremely wonderful you are.


Some of what I say may seem strange at first, but all I want from you is to listen with an open mind. 


You have helped me create this program and this app. Somewhere, deep down this is what you wanted. 


If you have read my first post, you may remember that once your mind is clear and you are able to imagine something vividly, it will come true. 


You need not know how, all you need is the vision. Then things will fall into place. The whole world gets shifted and shuffled in place in one miraculous, wonderful way. 


You may have desired to be fit, healthy, lean and toned. You may or may not have tried many things, but something has always held you back until now.


At some point, it might have been during a long run like it was for me, or while driving, or just before you fell asleep, or during a calm prayer that you had a vivid vision or a clear desire to be lean and toned.


On the other hand, being fit and toned may perhaps just be a stepping stone to something else you are destined for. 


If something I said here resonates with you, then this very post is written for you. And you made it happen. 


Does all this sound weird and strange? It is not. Deep down you know that there is much more than what we are led to believe by everything we see daily.


I have experienced it too many times to believe otherwise. Our dreams do come true, but only if we let go of wanting something and enter into a state of receiving.


Once we are ready to receive, wonderful unexpected things start to fall in place. 


We are all connected in this wonderful, mysterious world. I can’t explain in words how this all works, but I can occasionally be one with this eternal energy in our universe, where I understand without reasoning.


You, and others, are in need of a clear roadmap to put  you on a journey you have not experienced before. 


I set out today to tell you more about my great new app, but instead I ended up talking about this power in all of us. I’ve learned to sometimes let go and listen to my intuition more often. 


Being fit, healthy and full of energy is the best place to be in to be creative. When you are tired because of lack of fitness or the wrong foods, everything you do becomes laboured. You just go through the motion, day in and day out. That is not the optimal place to be in. I can help you live a life of joy and inspiration. If you let me.


Since this post is already long, I’ll tell you tomorrow about how great this app is and what it will help you achieve. 




  • Lerentia


Lerentia Strydom

One of Melbourne's top personal trainers and founder of the Strydom Method. She has dedicated her professional life to find the absolute best way of training. Lerentia has helped thousands' to get healthier, fitter and leaner than ever before.

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