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Get off the slow lane and jump on the fast lane to get lean and toned!

Get off the slow lane and jump on the fast lane!



Work with me to get your dream body.  

Today I want to tell you more  about my LeanBodyFastLane. 

This program is designed to help you achieve your dream body.

It is created to turn you into the leanest, fittest and healthiest  person you can imagine. 

As Fast As Possible.

The LeanBodyFastlane  is a program that is split in six week blocks.  The purpose of the plan is to get you on the fast lane so you’ll turn into a fat-burning machine. 

You have access to me and the app for as long as it takes you to reach your goal. All for one single sign up.

You want to lose the fat, be healthy, fit, toned and never look back. 

This program is all about setting you on the right path, forever. 

If you do decide to be one of the 10 founding members,  I’ll work closely with you to reach your goals. 

The reason why I call it the Fastlane method is because it will put you on a road to to your dream body fast, without slowing down or taking short cuts that only end up being detours.

Similar to when you are driving to your destination, you don’t want to be stuck in traffic in the slow lane, or get lost on  back roads that end up taking you further away from your goals. 

The LeanBodyFastlane is not a diet.

Fad diets and other bad advice short cuts can mess with your metabolism and hormones.

I’ll show you how to fix a  slow metabolism and help you prevent or reverse premature ageing and the problems that come with it, all while you are on the road to looking good and feeling great.

My program is the complete solution designed for you. I’ll be your mentor and guide throughout this journey.

The core of the program consists of:

  • 20-40 min unique workouts per day.  
  • Optional both short and long unique fat-burn-add-on-anytime workouts.
  • Nutrition made simple. No need for strict diets. 
  • Bonus for founding members: Work with me until you reach your goals.

This is the Lean Body Fastlane, it is not the Lean Body shortcut. Instead it is the fastest road to get you lean, fit and toned and keep you there for years to come. 

Shortcuts don’t work.

I’ll work with you to fit the program around your life.

This is the basic layout of the first  six weeks of the LeanBodyFastlane:

Week 1. Get ready to Switch lanes.  

Week 1  is about starting right. We’ll have a look to make small tweaks to your diet, but most importantly, you’ll start working out at the level your current fitness permits.

Ideally you’ll start with 3-4 general workouts and 2-3 light activities for the first week.

Unique fat burning workouts can be utilised to see results fast.

Book your week 2 call.

Week 2. Make a habit of burning fat

30 min call or, if you prefer, a Whatsapp chat.

Train up to 6 times a week. Short workouts that will get you in the habit. 

Increase your fitness, flexibility, mobility and overall conditioning. 

Week 3. The fastlane to fat burn

You are ready to handle even more effective workouts. 

Your diet is under control and almost a habit.

The results you see melts away any resistance you had.

Week 4. Burning fat for sure

You are on the fast lane – Your body has adapted.

Food is used as fuel to energise you.

You look forward to your workouts

Week 5 Love it on the fast lane

Effortless fat burn, is that possible? Only if exercise is a joy, not a punishment,  and if you enjoy your food. 

You’ll see!

Week 6. The fast lane has many wonderful destinations.

I’ll continue to look at your measurements and your progress. We’ll re-evaluate your goals and create a plan of action.

Since you are a founding member, I’ll work with you until you reach the goal we agreed upon during week 1. 

The progress you’ll see during the first 6 weeks will set you up to live a healthy, fit life and have the lean body to show for it. 

Registration is open

The response so far to own this app and work with me has been amazing.  

As it stands now, I am looking for 6 more females who take their fitness goals seriously, who are sick of  no results or no lasting results and are ready to take back control.

Comment below with #LeanBodyFastlane  & I will personally send you the details.  

It’s that simple.

Just type #LeanBodyFastlane below to secure your spot.

BONUS included:

One more thing- if you ever wondered about diet and losing weight, this program includes a bonus manual that will answer all your questions.

Have you ever wondered about the “secrets” of lean people? What is it?

  • Is it just tracking calories?
  • Should I even be tracking calories?
  • Or is all in the macro’s, like how much protein, fat or carbs?
  • Should I train on an empty stomach to maximize fat burn?

Get these answered plus questions like: 

  • Can I exercise on Keto? Should I do Keto or is there and easier way? I’ll answer all, but, spoiler, there is an easier way.
  • Is fasting a good option? 
  • Should I eat low fat? 
  • Do fit people eat as much as they want because they’re active?

And get solutions to these common problems:

  1.  How to stop cooking different meals for every member of the family while you are losing weight. What to do instead. It is much easier.

  2.  Understanding your sweet tooth and how to easily and effectively handle it.

  3.  Are there any safe and effective fat burners?

  4.  Can I think myself  slim? Short answer, yes. The power of your mind is limitless. This guide               discusses this and much more.

Once you sign up you’ll have access to the best and simplest solution to help you achieve life-long leanness.
Just type #LeanBodyFastlane below to secure your spot.

Lerentia Strydom

One of Melbourne's top personal trainers and founder of the Strydom Method. She has dedicated her professional life to find the absolute best way of training. Lerentia has helped thousands' to get healthier, fitter and leaner than ever before.

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